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Sunday, June 5

DIY t-shirt making!

DIY is true LOVE. Made by our own hands (thanks to Lili & Luke too!).... Get this colourful love for just RM10! (*Available only at our shows)

Wednesday, November 17

Rant entry #352 - Assholes

We don't like bands that are asshole-y. 

Shh...Diam! are poyo and berlagak and letup-letup and perasan hemsem, but we take extra care in ensuring we are not assholes. Please let us know if we are, we will make the necessary amendments to our perangai.

What constitutes an Asshole Band

1. Being inconsiderate of others' time. 

That's it, really. That's the one and only criteria. Also, if you torture animals, it makes you an asshole and a fuckhead, but rarely do we see bands torture animals, well, as a band. So that's another topic altogether.

Back to the main (and only) criteria. If you play in a band, you will know that sometimes you get to play events with several other bands. When this happens, there will be a sound check before the main event. Each band is allocated a time frame to complete their sound check. Usually, the time allocated is more than enough. If there are any delays, the bands are notified and everything goes on as planned. All is cool.

What happens sometimes is there is an Asshole Band. This band will not stick to the allocated time frame. Half an hour is ample time to get your shit together. The Asshole Band will stretch their allocated time to almost 3 times as much. This is unfair. It is not fair to the organizers, and it is especially unfair to the other bands who are waiting to do their sound check. These other bands give up their precious time, and they stick to the time agreed, only to have their own sound checks cut in half so the event can start on time. Is this right? 

Time is precious. Who does this Asshole Band think they are? We are all running on the same time here, people, regardless if you are a teeny little band like ours, or the freaking Rolling Stones. Respect that. 

Wednesday, October 13

Indie Youth Fest Oct 9th 2010: aka Groupie Recruitment Session.

Some eyecandy for the sad ones who couldn't come to see us on Saturday :

Newest official addition to the groupies, groupie # 87654321 aka Lady Babah.
And the Manager.

We've got a few slots lined up this weekend, come meet us. We want to see new faces, new faces and new faces to fall in love with us. Don't disappoint. ; )

Check the Giggins to find out the next show. If you need directions, let us know. Maybe you can hitch a ride with us? (mana tau?)

Peace,and Sex all around everybody,

Monday, October 4

We are KILLING the music..

You are killing the music. It is dying. You are pushing it towards the edge of the cliff; it is teetering on the edge ready to fall into a giant, foamy, hungry ocean of non existence.

What am I talking about, you ask? No, you protest, head frantically shaking, finger wagging in defense. No, you say.

Money is killing the music. Not having money is killing the music. You see, there are people in this world who claim to be keeping music alive, but are, instead, exploiting the poor souls who dedicate their lives to the creation of this beautiful, mysterious art form.

You think we’re only musicians, stupid musicians who are meant to be poor. So you keep us that way, thinking we do not have any hope or ambitions bigger than what we have today.

We love music, we live music and we will gladly play for free. Anywhere. Anytime. But do you, Giant Corporate Concert Organizer/small café owner, ever stop to think that we are people too? We may be shabbily dressed, have DIY haircuts and still utilize Nokia 3310, but we are still people trying to earn a living, trying to save money. Going across state lines to play your show costs money. Petrol is not cheap. The evil toll is an unavoidable entity. Merely driving around KL costs a fortune. Taking the public transport is, contrary to popular belief, not the cheaper option. Doing it once is expensive, doing it on a regular basis is crippling. Would you like it if someone you barely knew expected you to drive miles and miles to do something for them, without at least a tiny token of appreciation?

At some point, we would come to realize that we can’t make the payment on the car, or make the rent, if we keep pouring money out of our pockets. So we won’t play music altogether, we won’t play for you. We are not able to play for you. We want to keep music alive, we want to entertain you, we want to spread the joy that music brings us, but you have to help us. Malaysia is brimming with musical potential, but that potential is dimming slowly. New acts are dying out simply because they cannot afford to keep the momentum going. Please understand. We are not asking for a fortune, we are asking for your understanding. It’s simple. Don’t let the music die.

Sunday, October 3

FEYST Concert, 9th October 2010, Times Square.

U want to go, but u dont know how...simple..! We will help u with some simple instructions...!

Instructions for groupies for 9th Oct 2010 FEYST Concert:
  1. Force/bribe/blackmail ur friends to come to this concert
  2. Memorize Shh...Diam!'s lyrics. go to--> www.myspace.com/shhdiam for lyrics
  3. Come to the event with many of ur friends
  4. Scream, cry and faint when u see Shh...Diam!
  5. Sing along with Shh...Diam!
  6. Take a lot of photos of Shh...Diam!
  7. Finally, shout "one more!!!!!" at the end of Shh...Diam!'s slot
  8. Spread this message to ur friends!!

Wednesday, September 15

Flyers for 29th September & 2nd October 2010..!

Don't be shy, come over and say hi..!
Blue Wednesday, Annexe Gallery, 29th September 2010, 8pm. Admission is free..!!

Kita Rawk Showcase Vol.2, Haidar's Art Hall, 2nd Oct 2010, 1pm. Admission is Rm6 only..!

Sunday, August 22

Aktivitas Shh...Diam! on 21st August 2010

Jalan2 di tempat Uncle Rahim Maarof :)

Kepit pintu dengan selipar

The Kejengs

Jellene the recordist

Recording She's Like Daggers at Jellene's house