Future Giggin's.

Wednesday, October 13

Indie Youth Fest Oct 9th 2010: aka Groupie Recruitment Session.

Some eyecandy for the sad ones who couldn't come to see us on Saturday :

Newest official addition to the groupies, groupie # 87654321 aka Lady Babah.
And the Manager.

We've got a few slots lined up this weekend, come meet us. We want to see new faces, new faces and new faces to fall in love with us. Don't disappoint. ; )

Check the Giggins to find out the next show. If you need directions, let us know. Maybe you can hitch a ride with us? (mana tau?)

Peace,and Sex all around everybody,


  1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/neo71/sets/72157625036594963/

    check out your pics here .. ;)

  2. Heyy...Thanx for the nice pix Neo. Really appreciate it :)