Future Giggin's.

Sunday, October 3

FEYST Concert, 9th October 2010, Times Square.

U want to go, but u dont know how...simple..! We will help u with some simple instructions...!

Instructions for groupies for 9th Oct 2010 FEYST Concert:
  1. Force/bribe/blackmail ur friends to come to this concert
  2. Memorize Shh...Diam!'s lyrics. go to--> www.myspace.com/shhdiam for lyrics
  3. Come to the event with many of ur friends
  4. Scream, cry and faint when u see Shh...Diam!
  5. Sing along with Shh...Diam!
  6. Take a lot of photos of Shh...Diam!
  7. Finally, shout "one more!!!!!" at the end of Shh...Diam!'s slot
  8. Spread this message to ur friends!!


  1. yang number 4 tu mcm susah nak buat la....

  2. wat time is your slot

  3. 5 pm...come, come..!

  4. You galz so rock! Like stars! Shooting ones! Hope to work with you again :)