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Wednesday, November 17

Rant entry #352 - Assholes

We don't like bands that are asshole-y. 

Shh...Diam! are poyo and berlagak and letup-letup and perasan hemsem, but we take extra care in ensuring we are not assholes. Please let us know if we are, we will make the necessary amendments to our perangai.

What constitutes an Asshole Band

1. Being inconsiderate of others' time. 

That's it, really. That's the one and only criteria. Also, if you torture animals, it makes you an asshole and a fuckhead, but rarely do we see bands torture animals, well, as a band. So that's another topic altogether.

Back to the main (and only) criteria. If you play in a band, you will know that sometimes you get to play events with several other bands. When this happens, there will be a sound check before the main event. Each band is allocated a time frame to complete their sound check. Usually, the time allocated is more than enough. If there are any delays, the bands are notified and everything goes on as planned. All is cool.

What happens sometimes is there is an Asshole Band. This band will not stick to the allocated time frame. Half an hour is ample time to get your shit together. The Asshole Band will stretch their allocated time to almost 3 times as much. This is unfair. It is not fair to the organizers, and it is especially unfair to the other bands who are waiting to do their sound check. These other bands give up their precious time, and they stick to the time agreed, only to have their own sound checks cut in half so the event can start on time. Is this right? 

Time is precious. Who does this Asshole Band think they are? We are all running on the same time here, people, regardless if you are a teeny little band like ours, or the freaking Rolling Stones. Respect that. 


  1. Yeah .. agree. Don't be a prima donna

  2. to the asshole band,dont be selpish.consideratee..!

  3. banyak asshole band ni. previously when my band played urbanscapes, the soundcheck was at 10pm at the day before the event. we were slotted for the petang indie slot, and there were 4 band, so each band gets 30 minutes for soundcheck. so thats cool la.
    problem is, this big keropok band - decided to extend their sound check time, jam some stupid steve vai song on stage and yea eats up my band and another's band sound check time. when they are all over, its already 12am+ and its already KLPac cut off time.
    so yea, my band and the other tak dpt sound check. and the funny shit is that we were there early at 9pm so we waited for 3 hours for nothing?
    buang masa sial.

  4. hahah! agree. kat show plak, ade yg kene main 1st tapi taknak main 1st so dorang dtg lambat. wtf.